In memory of Grace and inspired by Grace’s family and the charity they were forming, my two sisters (Anne and Annette) and I decided to take on the 26 km Thames Bridge Challenge in September 2017.

It’s a fabulous walk (all flat thank goodness) with amazing views of London and is very well organised. The catering was great with a mid route stop for pastries and a great meal provided at the end. We were joined half way through by Grace’s mum, Karen and Grace’s brother Rhys which added a great spring to our step and drove us on to the finish.

Between my sisters and I, we managed to raise £500 for the Trust. It is very difficult and heartbreaking to witness the devastating effects of mental illness on the sufferer and the effects on their family and you want to help but feel helpless. By taking on a challenge and raising awareness and funds to support a charity that will make a difference to young people is one way, I like to think, of giving some help.