I did the London to Brighton 2018 in memory of my cousin Tom Stone who took his own life due to depression in July 2017 at 29 years old. Tom suffered in silence with this disease and it got the better of him and he decided he was better off out of this world. He would never have realised the devastation he has left behind with his 3 beautiful boys and his family.

I chose the Grace Dear Trust as I knew Grace well, and so did my cousin. Sadly she has the same ending to her story, and the same devastation affects her family as it has mine. When I saw they were putting this trust together to help awareness for kids and others and just spreading the word that “its ok not to be ok” I knew I wanted to help spread the message and show support. Even if it helps just one family then it’s a start, I battle depression and anxiety also and I know just talking to someone really does help.

The race was gruelling and was a struggle. I wasn’t fit or prepared for the ride at all as I found myself in a very low dark place after my cousin passing, and put weight on and wasn’t really looking after myself at all, but I knew I had to do this I had to finish.
The further into the race I got the more I struggled with the hills and the pain, but i truly felt Tom and Grace were with me the whole way. I remember the last few miles when I suddenly got a second wind and said come on guys help me get there and they sure did. As soon as I got near the finishing line and saw the hundreds and hundreds of people there clapping I saw the Dear family and my family cheering for me to cycle over that finishing line and it made it even more worth it. I hope the money i raised makes a difference. Together we are stronger