I first met Gracie at the gym. She was doing some intense workout and showing up most other people with how hard she trained plus making some odd noises! We started chatting & just clicked. Became close friends so quickly & went for dinners, cinema, coffee at Costa, where we put the worlds to right. There was always laughter. Not once did we ever argue.

Gracie looked at me as her husband, I gave her advice, reassurance when she needed it or not, hence how I got the name “hubby”. She was my wifey. She also gave me advice, drove me up the wall, nagged me at times, but I loved her for it. She would make me laugh so much. That infectious smile, the energy for life she had.  It was something special.

Gracie was a bad influence when we had nights out. Always trying to get me drunk (I’m sure it was so she could try and kiss me haha)

Gracie loved the theatre and we were planning on going to see some shows in the west end.

Her love for shows, dancing, fashion, and just being around everyone and making everyone smile and laugh was just incredible.

I will and do miss Gracie so so much. She was unique, she was incredible, but most of all, she was brave.

A true hero in my eyes. I know she is always, and will be, by my side.

Sleep well my beautiful angle.

I love you with all my heart.