Grace was one of my closest cousins. I have so many memories that all of the family have also had with her and that’s why it is so hard to know that she is no longer with us. It is very hard to lose someone you love so much and it will always be with us. I will get upset when I hear memories, but that shows how much she meant to us and how close we all are.

Grace was such a funny, kind and loving person… it’s no wonder why she had so many friends. When I look back at fun times that I spent with her, it hurts and hurts to know that I will never see her again and that is the hardest part. I like to think to myself that she is gone because God chose her to be with him and I can see why he has done that because I know I would have picked her.

Also, when I get upset I like to think that now she is happy and not in any pain anymore. As much as I love her, I would always want her to be happy, before she makes anyone else happy. I have had so many memories, like when she stayed the night. That’s when her nickname “Flicker” came up, because we were watching a movie and she shouted “Flicker” about a horse. Me, my mum and sister thought we should give her that nickname. She always made sleepovers fun. She said that she never goes to the toilet, because she is like the Queen, so she never needs to go!

On Grace’s instagram, she always looked beautiful, even if she wasnt going anywhere. The morning of the day that Grace went, she posted on her snapchat, “Good morning world”. I thought it was going to be a good day, but it all changed. Later that night, we got the call, first I thought it was about my dog, but then I got told it was about Grace. I kept saying I want to go home, but we had to wait until the next morning.

All I kept saying was , why is she so stupid, but she’s not stupid, it was because I was so shocked and upset. Grace tried a couple of times before, but got stopped. From that day on I felt that my heart will never be complete. If you have lost someone to suicide, just know that they haven’t done it to make you feel sad, it’s to make them feel happy!

Isabelle {Age 13}