We met Grace at work, her smile would light up any room including an office! Grace would wear stunning very high heels and walk into the office looking like she worked in fashion not for an accountancy firm. If Grace ever said she liked our hair or top we knew we had done well that morning. Grace was one of the few people that could engage with everyone in the office, she took time to learn about people’s lives and she was without doubt the life and soul on a night out.

We enjoyed many lunches, dinners, afternoon teas, drinks and holidays with Grace. Our first holiday was to Morocco in 2013. On our first night in Morocco Grace asked the piano man at our hotel if he knew any spice girls songs but sadly he didn’t. However, the following evening the 5 of us walked into the bar for our usual pre-dinner drink and Viva Forever was playing, the piano man had learnt a song for us! From that day onwards we were the Spice Girls and would often discuss which Spice Girl we each were.

We feel very lucky to have known Grace.

The Spice Girls; Debbie, Michelle, Sam and Steph xx