One giant step for the Grace Dear Trust one giant leap for mental health.

On Sunday 14th October 2018 we made one for The Grace Dear Trust history books, by having 24 runners signed up and running for us, all wearing our t-shirts. Not only was it an honour having all these runners running for us, it was even better seeing over 100 people in the bar after celebrating the runners achievements, but also celebrating with The Grace Dear Trust. This event wasn’t about making money for the Trust, it was about Mental Health awareness and spreading the word “its ok not to be ok” it was about showing everyone that we are a community trying to make an impact on suicide prevention.

There was in total 16000 runners taking part in the Royal Parks Half Marathon. If you go by statistics that 1 in 4 people struggling with their mental health, potentially there could have been 4000 runners that struggle in some way. If each of our runners ran past someone who struggles with their mental health and they saw our message “It’s ok not to be ok” on the back of our t-shirts and take something from it, then the day was completely worth pounding the streets for 13.1 miles!!
Thank you for supporting The Grace Dear Trust, either by running or cheering the runners on in your t-shirts. It was a great day and we hope to have many more days like this – minus the rain!

Congratulations to:

Owen Davies
Karen Barlow
Heather Wallington
Jake Dear
Rhys Dear
Joe Byrant
Daryl Cooper Smith
Alex Hardman
Alex Smith
Abbie Harrington
Dale Allum
Jack Williams
Richard Parker
James Waldron
Alex Shand
Richard Giles
Winnie Eckardt
Raphael Augustin
Leigh Collins
Joe Sharp
George Chambers
Dean Brooks
Kelly Hall
Anna Gibson