Another event for The Grace Dear Trust history books …

On Sunday 14th April we had 6 runners competing in The Brighton Marathon, all of them wearing our t-shirts. This is not only a massive achievement for the Trust but also for the runners. Every year we learn something new at these type of events, from the first year where we turned up with leaflets, banners and supporters for our first ever competitor – Rhys Dear – to quickly realising we didn’t have noise makers, could have done with a better cheering position, and running round at the end of the marathon to find somewhere to celebrate Rhys’ achievement. This year we came prepared! We got there early to set up at miles 14 & 18 with banners and sail flags at the ready. We had supporters ready to cheer with noise makers and a MEGA phone so no runner would miss us, to reserving space at a local venue to celebrate with the runners afterwards! We even added a special touch of having a confetti bomb for each runner who passed us at mile 18 to give them that extra support and motivation to finish. We were ready to see them at Pitch and Piano where they were able to rest their feet (at last!) and we all enjoyed a drink together. We love it when a plan comes together!

This event wasn’t only about raising money for the Trust, it was also an opportunity to raise Mental Health awareness and spread the word that “it’s ok not to be ok”. It was about showing everyone that we are a community trying to make an impact on mental illness and prevent suicide. 18,000 participants take part in the Brighton Marathon Weekender and 150,000 spectators line the city’s streets to show their support. Statistics show that 1 in 4 people struggle with their mental health, meaning potentially there could have been 42,000 people amongst the runners and spectators that could be struggling in some way. If each of our runners ran, or spectators walked past someone who struggles, they saw our message “It’s ok not to be ok” and took something from it, then the day was completely worthwhile!

Thank you for supporting The Grace Dear Trust, either by running or cheering the runners on in your t-shirts. It was a great day, and one we hope to be able to replicate many times in the future!


Congratulations to:

Katherine Reed: “I completed the Brighton Marathon!! Importantly for me and the Grace Dear Trust that was 4 hours 31 minutes (and 8 seconds) of spreading the word that it’s OK to not be OK with Grace’s beautiful face on my front. It was a pleasure to run for The Grace Dear Trust. Thank you to everyone that supported, has been running with me, has had to give up our plans/rugby matches so I could train.”

Jack Duddy: “Still buzzing from the whole experience. Great personal achievement, but also great way to raise some money for the trust. Have already signed up for next year!”

Joe Bryant: “The Brighton Marathon was truly a great experience, the crowd were great and The Grace Dear Trust helped me through the last few miles when I needed a boost!”

Tom Weston: “Brighton was my first marathon and I have already picked up that ‘running bug’. The feeling when you see loved ones and The Grace Dear Trust army shouting for you when you’re struggling throughout the race, it really does give you a helping hand along the way. Amazing day. Amazing charity. I WANT TO DO IT AGAIN!”

Jake Dear: “My first marathon, thank you for everyone who supported me throughout the day, it was an honour to run for my beautiful sister’s charity. I knew she was with me every step of the way! Love you to the moon and back Gracie”.

Rhys Dear: “Having already completed the Brighton marathon, I thought it would be easier the 2nd time round… it wasn’t!!! However the support received on the day when you struggling to complete this challenge make it all worth it, especially when you’re helping raise awareness for those struggling everyday! As always its all for you Gracie xx”