The annual Princess Gracie Tennis Tournament will always hold a special place in our hearts. It was the first charity event for the Trust and this year marked our 3rd tournament.

We had 50 players participating in the event, the biggest turn out for players so far and we decided to break the tournament into two groups, a competitive Princess Grace Cup and a new addition to the tournament, the Princess Grace Jester Shield, especially for veterans and fun players.

Each year we hold the tournament around Grace’s birthday to raise awareness and to celebrate Grace’s life. This year was extra special as it would have been Graces 30th birthday. Our aim is a family fun day where old and new friends of the Trust come together to support the Dear family at a difficult time of year.

One thing that’s great about the day is the excitement of the competition and ultimately who the winners are. It’s great that each year a new team have taken home the Princess Grace Cup. This year’s winners were Josh and Felipe and the first winners of the Jester Shield were Martin and Graham.

We are looking forward to the next Princess Gracie Tournament on the 17th May 2020… will you be the next winner to take home the trophy or shield? Get in touch if you want to play by emailing for more details.