On Saturday the 21st December, Claygate Casuals held there second charity football match against the Grace Dear All-stars, after narrowly losing last year the Grace Dear All-stars won this year comfortably. The final score being 6-1. Leatherhead Youth very kindly opened their doors to us after the game being called off at Tolworth Goals due to bad weather. The facility at Leatherhead was amazing, a great pitch, great stands and a great clubhouse, for the supporters to have a drink and get into the spirit of the game. On the day the support was good but due to more bad weather we didn’t get the turn out expected. However the support we did have was fantastic. Highlight of the match was a hattrick from Mackie for The Grace Dear All-stars , who was a very good friend of Graces, especially the last goal having celebrated before he had even taken the shot and Claygate Casuals had 12 on the pitch at the time.

The Grace Dear All-stars manager, a Mr Graham Dear was over the moon with his victory, that makes it one a piece now so the rivalry is heating up for next year.

We have chosen this worthy cause for a number of reasons one of them being, mental health affects many people life’s and running a football club for me isn’t just about turning up on a Sunday and playing. It’s about creating a unit and a bond. It’s important that the boys are aware of mental health and hopefully if any of them were to go through tough times they would talk to someone with in the club. I feel as though having this connection with the Grace Dear Trust opens the door and makes mental health easier to talk about.

Harry Bird
Claygate Casuals

The Trust is so thrilled to announce that Claygate Casuals raised a massive £1900. A huge thank you to everyone involved and everyone who donated. Look out for the announcement of the annual match later on in the year.