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“It’s ok not to be ok”

One Suicide is Too Many

1 in 10 young people are also affected and many suffer without the help they need. We want to change that and let people know ‘it’s ok not to be ok’. Mental health is still at a disadvantage in public funding and requires more effective approaches to prevention, diagnosis and treatment. By supporting families with a whole community approach we can help prevent tragedies like the one experienced by the Dear family locally.

The Grace Dear Trust is a mental health charity we set up recently after losing our daughter and sister, Grace, to suicide aged just 27 in February 2017. Our aim is to help save the lives of other young people suffering with mental health issues. Grace had been suffering with depression and anxiety from the age of 13, but hadn’t felt she could reach out to anyone to help her make sense of her feelings.

Not knowing why, she suffered in silence for many years. Eventually when Grace spoke out we tried to give the best help possible, but unfortunately it was too late.

“We want to raise awareness amongst school children, giving support to those who need it and preventing others from suffering so long in silence. We do this by funding seminars in schools, where guest speakers help young people understand the importance of mental well‐being.

We want to fund counsellors to visit schools, giving young people the help they need promptly and in an environment that isn’t intimidating. We also want to create a local network of professionals that young adults can reach out to.”

(Written by Graham, Karen, Jake, Rhys and Hope)