Our Aims

“It’s ok not to be ok”

We want to help…

…To raise awareness of the impact of poor mental health, in particular the significant effect it has on young people

…To encourage more people to be able to speak openly about their feelings, no matter how big or small

…To reduce some of the stigma which surrounds mental health problems

…To encourage anyone who feels down, low or feeling unable to cope …by helping them to learn in different ways to communicate their feelings

…To support schools to raise awareness and increase understanding of how important it is for young people to be open about their feelings

What we’d like to achieve


We want to share our story by talking to teachers in local schools and students about the challenge of poor mental health and why it’s so important to speak out!


Providing schools with much needed funding, to help teachers and support staff to enhance their knowledge of mental health wellbeing with specific training courses.


Promoting mental health awareness more broadly, using events such as a Mental Health Week to bring focus to the subject and helping young people find different ways to communicate …through art, music, creative writing and sport including yoga and meditation. We believe we can do this through provision during school clubs and lunch time clubs, this can help with creativity and mindfulness.


Developing affiliations with other professionals who can provide appropriate support as required for example counsellors, so if somebody asks for help we can sign post them to the appropriate professional and the waiting time they experience when they need help is drastically reduced.

Mental health is a massive challenge for society. We’re bringing local focus…to help individual problems.

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This research conducted by @mindcharity is a real eye opener 👀

The research above is based on 12,000 young people aged between 11 and 19.
We, as a community, need to come together and support the younger generation of today before it’s too late 💜

If those statistics don’t open both our eyes and the government’s then what will?

It’s ok not to be ok
Together we are stronger