“It’s ok not to be ok”

The Grace Dear Trust are pleased to be partnering with nine local schools.

Rosebery School For Girls

Tolworth Girls’ School

Esher C of E High School

Chessington School

Hinchley Wood School

Southborough High School

Three Rivers School The Beacon School supported by the Grace Dear Trust

Three Rivers Academy

The Beacon School supported by the Grace Dear Trust

The Beacon School

Hollyfield School supported by the Grace Dear Trust

Hollyfield School & Sixth Form Centre

Guildford County School supports The Grace Dear Trust

Guildford County School

We are working collaboratively with ten local schools to promote mental health and wellbeing. We are doing this is by providing funding which can be used for a variety of activities which have a focus on mental wellbeing. Our financial support in this area means they don’t need to divert as much of their limited resources away from core education.

We are delighted that all the schools already have a platform in helping and supporting students’ mental wellbeing and we believe moving forward we can enhance this by:

• Providing training for students to become Mental Health Ambassadors

• Providing specific mental health training courses for staff to help develop their knowledge and skills further

• Delivering monthly assemblies supporting mental wellbeing and promoting young people to speak out about how they are feeling, with the support of guest speakers

• The provision of after school clubs that help relieve stress and improve wellbeing, e.g Yoga and Pilates

• Reducing the waiting time for suitable interventions by providing the funding for vulnerable students to have counselling when they need it.